Commit 54155604 authored by Lukáš Krupčík's avatar Lukáš Krupčík
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Updated Salomon single core performance

See merge request sccs/!214
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......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ Salomon is equipped with Intel Xeon processors Intel Xeon E5-2680v3. Processors
* 12-core
* speed: 2.5 GHz, up to 3.3 GHz using Turbo Boost Technology
* peak performance: 19.2 GFLOP/s per core
* peak performance: 40 GFLOP/s per core @ 2.5 GHz
* caches:
* Intel® Smart Cache: 30 MB
* memory bandwidth at the level of the processor: 68 GB/s
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