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......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ It will generate the CxxFullExampleAdaptor executable file. This can be later ru
Provided example is a simple MPI program. Main executing part is written in FEDriver.cxx. It is a simulator code that creates computational grid and performs simulation. Dimensions of the computational grid in terms of number of points in x, y, z direction are supplied as input parameters to the *main* function (see lines 22-24). Fourth parametr expects a name of a Python script that sets up ParaView-Catalyst environment.
![](img/FEDriver.png "FEDriver.cxx")
![](insitu/img/FEDriver.png "FEDriver.cxx")
mpirun -n 2 ./CxxFullExample 30 30 30 ../SampleScripts/
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