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......@@ -17,6 +17,14 @@ The Catalyst library is part of the ParaView module. More about ParaView can be
All code concerning the simulator/adaptor is available to download from [here][code]. It is a package with the following files: [CMakeLists.txt][cmakelist_txt], [FEAdaptor.h][feadaptor_h], [FEAdaptor.cxx][feadaptor_cxx], [FEDataStructures.h][fedatastructures_h], [FEDataStructures.cxx][fedatastructures_cxx], [FEDriver.cxx][fedriver_cxx] and [][feslicescript].
```{r engine='bash', comment=''}
cat insitu/CMakeLists.txt
After the download unpack the code by
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